Frequently Asked Questions - Verify Now

What is Verify Now?

Verify Now is a user authentication service provided by Message Central, which enables businesses to verify users' phone numbers using a One-Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS.

How does Verify Now work?

When a user enters their phone number on your website or app, Verify Now sends an OTP via SMS. The user then enters the OTP to verify their phone number. This ensures that the user is a legitimate user and not a bot or fake account.

How do we start using Verify Now?

The process is simple: -

  1. You can sign up for free through the website
  2. Access detailed API documentation from within the platform
  3. Test the service with the free credits in your account
  4. Once satisfied, top up your wallet and start using Verify Now

You can also refer to our video on API integration which explains the entire integration process in detail.

What is OTP verification and why is it important?

OTP verification is a technique to validate a user's identity through the utilization of a single-use password.

This approach is significant as it adds an additional security stratum, effectively countering fraudulent activities and safeguarding users' confidential data.

Additionally, this security measure extends to bulk OTP SMS delivery, enhancing its utility for varied scenarios. You can also refer to our detailed article about OTP Verification and its benefits.

Why is user authentication important?

User authentication is important to protect a business and its users from fraud, data breaches, and other security threats.

By confirming user phone numbers through OTP Verification, you can ensure that only legitimate users access your services. We have also written in detail about the benefits of using OTP authentication for web developers.

Why should you choose Verify Now?

We provide: -

  1. The best delivery rates which are as high as 99% through intelligent routing.
  2. The best rates per OTP SMS which are on an average 40% lesser than other providers in the industry.
  3. You do not have to go through the hassle of registering a Sender ID or DLT registration for OTP SMS.

What industries and business types can benefit from your platform?

This extends to all organizations seeking OTP verification. Diverse industries and business categories, spanning e-commerce, financial services, healthcare, government, and telecommunications, can leverage our platform. Any entity aspiring to furnish its users with reliable and streamlined authentication stands to gain from our solution's capabilities.

What are the features of Verify Now?

Within Verify Now's framework, you'll discover an array of functionalities.

These include customizable SMS templates, a provision for multiple retries in case of unsuccessful OTP attempts, and the invaluable capability of accessing real-time reporting and analytics.

Furthermore, the integration of Verify Now with your current systems can be seamlessly achieved via APIs. This amalgamation not only embraces OTP verification and the ease of bulk OTP SMS delivery but also encompasses the realm of passwordless authentication, rendering a powerful solution to counter bots and spam.

How much does Verify Now cost?

Verify Now works on a pay as you go model. The pricing for Verify Now is transparent and affordable, with no hidden costs or fees. You can check the pricing on our website or get in touch with the team for any custom needs.

We are also lesser expensive than other providers in the industry. You can compare the pricing using our SMS pricing calculator. Our verification fee is 40% lesser than Twilio’s.

What is the pricing model?

We have a pay as you go pricing model. You can top up your Message Central account with credits as and when you require to use Verify Now. You can check our pricing on the website. We have the best rates, averaging to 40% lesser than other providers in the industry.

Do the credits in my account expire?

The credits in your Message Central account have no expiry. You can use the credits whenever you want and top up with more when required.

Is there a limit to the number of OTPs I can send using Verify Now?

No, there is no limit to the number of OTPs you can send using Verify Now. However, there may be certain restrictions based on your usage and requirements. Please contact Message Central for more information.

Can I change the brand name while sending OTP SMS?

Yes, you can change the brand name from your Message Central account once you top up your wallet with credits.

What is the template that the users receive?

(xxxx) is your one-time password {OTP} for user authentication from {Your Brand Name} - Powered by U2opia.

For Indian Users: Why do we need DLT registration in the first place?

To send SMS messages or text blasts in India, compliance with Digital ledger Technology (DLT) registration is a must, as mandated by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). You can also refer to our complete guide on DLT registration.

Is it possible to change the number of digits of the OTP?

Yes, you can change the number of digits of the OTP from the default 4 digits to any number till 8.

OTP can be of any length from 4-8 digits.

Can I send OTPs using my own template?

If you have your own sender ID and template which you wish to broadcast to your clients, you can use our SMS platform - Message Now. Please get in touch with us, and our team will guide you to the best solution tailored for you.

What is the geographical coverage of Verify Now?

Verify Now offers global connectivity to enable you to send OTPs, to countries all over the world.

What happens if an OTP fails to deliver?

The pricing mechanism is as follows: -

  1. SMS fee is charged when OTP is sent.
  2. Verification fee is charged when OTP is authenticated.

Thus, in this case you will be charged only the SMS fee and not the verification fee.

Can I resend the OTPs?

Yes, upon initiating the OTP request, you have the option to resend the OTP after a 57-second interval.

However, once the OTP has been successfully delivered and verified, you will be able to send subsequent OTPs immediately. We also have our SMS retry algorithm working consistently to ensure successful delivery of each SMS.

Is your platform secure and compliant with industry regulations?

Yes, our platform is secure and compliant with industry regulations. We use best practices for data protection and user privacy, and our platform is regularly audited to ensure that it meets the highest security standards.

Do we need Sender ID?

You do not need Sender ID to use Verify Now. You can start sending OTPs through our sender ID and generic template for OTPs which are approved.

For Indian Users: In India, you can start sending OTP SMS directly without any DLT registration in India. We have approved templates for sending OTP SMS. You can refer to our guide on how to get started without DLT registration in India for any further details.

What all SMS routes are there?

We are powered by direct operator connectivity across the globe. This helps us in automatic routing of global traffic to avoid outages ensuring the most premium routes and the highest delivery rate.

What happens if a user enters the wrong OTP?

Verify Now provides multiple retries for failed OTP attempts, so if a user enters the wrong OTP, they can retry. After a certain number of retries, the user will be locked out for security reasons.

Who is the owner of technology?

Yes, we have developed the entire Verify Now technology in-house and are the sole owners of it.

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