How to send OTP SMS without DLT registration

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November 14, 2023

How to send OTP SMS without DLT registration in India

Key Takeaways

  1. DLT registration in India is a mandate by TRAI for businesses to send SMS or text blasts in India
  2. With Verify Now's OTP SMS APIs businesses can bypass DLT registration to directly send OTP SMS to their users
  3. The OTP SMS platform saves businesses a lot of time and is also industry agnostic
  4. A simple sign up is required post which the OTP SMS service can be tested
  5. Once tested, a single click top up can get you started

What is DLT Registration?

To send SMS messages or text blasts in India, compliance with Digital ledger Technology (DLT) registration is a must, as mandated by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). This technology has been developed to lower the number of spam messages, as well as to enhance the satisfaction of telecom subscribers and bolster trustworthiness and safety.

The TRAI website and any authorized DLT registration centers both host the application form for DLT registration. To get DLT registered, you’d need personal and business data, along with the information regarding the SMS messages you intend to send, including the amount, frequency, and intended receivers. One should carefully examine it for errors and ensure all the needed areas are filled in before submitting the application.

Using Verify Now’s OTP SMS APIs

  1. No Need for DLT Registration: Verify Now lets users send OTP SMS messages directly from their end, without the need to register on the DLT portal or submit headers and templates for approval. This saves businesses from the cumbersome process of DLT registration and saves a ton of time while providing convenience.
  2. Zero Registration Fee: While registering on DLT portal in India, you’d  requires a fee of Rs. 5900. However, Verify Now is an OTP service provider where users can send OTP SMS using OTP SMS API without any registration fee. This is a major cost-saving proposition, making OTP SMS by Verify Now an attractive option for businesses.
  3. No Need for an Approval: As per the new TRAI rules, any business which sends OTP SMS needs to get itself registered on the DLT platform and also submit every message template including header for approval. Verify Now users can save their time by bypassing this approval and send OTP SMS via OTP SMS APIs directly using the platform. This allows spontaneous communication with customers, without any delays.
  4. Time Saving: Sending OTP SMS via API has become easier and faster with the Verify Now. The users can utilize the prefixed template in the platform, use the mobile number, and hit the URL to send the OTP SMS.  This streamlined saves time while ensuring prompt delivery of messages to customers.
  5. Industry Agnostic: DLT registration can be a concern for businesses irrespective of industries. Verify Now enables every business to send OTP SMS using OTP SMS APIs without any DLT registration.

Here’s a guide on how to send OTP SMS via API without any DLT registration using Verify Now:-

  1. First, you’d need to sign up for the platform. Once you have an account, you will be at the screen below.
    It will have the number which you used while signing up. After that you need to hit ‘Send OTP’ to start testing the platform.
    You’d also be able to change the brand name once you have done a top up of credits.
  1. With Verify Now’s OTP SMS APIs, you’ll receive the OTP in under 5 seconds. You’d need to enter the OTP SMS and hit ‘Submit OTP’.
  1. Once you have submitted the OTP, you’ll be able to see the verification status. You can also test the platform again by clicking on ‘Try Again’.
  1. You can also access Verify Now’s OTP SMS APIs by navigating to ‘Try with Code’.
  1. You can easily continue to send OTP SMS by taking top up credits.
  1. You’d also have access to all the APIs under the ‘Developer Docs’ section. The same is shown below.


Sending OTP SMS is an essential aspect of adding an extra layer of security in communication, customer engagement and seamless onboarding for businesses.  

With the introduction of DLT registration in India for safety, it is more complex to send SMS.  Verify Now has a solution which allows users to bypass this DLT registration and send OTP SSMS.

To enable the same, you can sign up for free or talk to the team.

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