WhatsApp Now Pricing

Grow your business with WhatsApp marketing and support.

Get 1,000 service messages free for all plans!


For small-size companies


/ month

$0.0279 per marketing conversation
in US
$0.0171 per utility/authentication/service conversation in US

Includes :

WhatsApp shared team inbox  with quick replies, labels, and more

Broadcasting and re-targeting

Campaign scheduler

Unlimited contacts

Upto 10 tags

Upto 5 custom attributes


For large-size companies


starts from $99 / month

$0.0265 per marketing conversation
in US
$0.0161 per utility/authentication/service conversation in US

Includes :

All features in basic plan

Unlimited tags

Unlimited custom attributes

Dedicated account manager

WhatsApp’s Conversation Based Pricing


  • Promotional messages
  • Sales and offers
  • Product promotions
  • Up sale & Cross sale offerings


  • Transactional updates
  • Important notifications
  • Receipts and payment notifications
  • Delivery updates


  • OTP for user authentication
  • Account recovery
  • Integrity and security
  • Account registration


  • Customer inquiries
  • Personalized support
  • Free form messages
  • Grievance redressal

Business Initiated Conversation

User Initiated Conversation

*WhatsApp's conversation pricing depends on conversation category and the receiver's country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Whatsapp Now?

WhatsApp Now is a comprehensive solution that integrates live customer support on WhatsApp and WhatsApp marketing through WhatsApp Business APIs. It enables businesses to provide instant assistance to customers and leverage the power of WhatsApp for effective marketing campaigns.

How can WhatsApp Now benefit my business?

Our product offers several benefits to businesses. It allows them to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction through real-time support on WhatsApp. It also enables targeted marketing campaigns, personalized messaging, and improved customer reach through WhatsApp Business APIs.

Does WhatsApp Now provides customer support and assistance?

We offer dedicated support to assist you in setting up and using our product effectively. Additionally, we provide comprehensive documentation, ensure a smooth onboarding process and help you make the most of our product. Businesses who would take an Enterprise plan would also get a personal Account Manager who will provide assistance thoroughly.

Can I customize and personalized my WhatsApp messages with WhatsApp now?

Absolutely! WhatsApp Now allows you to customize and personalize your WhatsApp messages. You can create tailored messages, add dynamic content, and personalize the messages with customer-specific information. This enables you to deliver targeted and engaging communication to your customers.

How can WhatsApp now help me in manage multiple conversations effectively?

WhatsApp Now offers powerful conversation management features. It provides a centralized dashboard where you can view and manage multiple conversations simultaneously. You can assign conversations to specific agents, tag and categorize conversations, use quick responses, and track conversation history. These features enable efficient and organized management of multiple conversations, ensuring timely responses and effective customer support.

Is WhatsApp Now suitable for both small businesses and large businesses?

Yes, WhatsApp Now is suitable for both small and large businesses. The platform is designed to be scalable and adaptable to different business sizes. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, WhatsApp Now provides the necessary tools and features to enhance customer engagement, streamline support processes, and drive marketing campaigns effectively. It caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes.

How secure is the data and information shared through WhatsApp Now?

WhatsApp Now leverages the end-to-end encryption protocol provided by WhatsApp. This means that all the messages and data exchanged through our platform are encrypted and can only be accessed by the sender and recipient. No third parties, including WhatsApp Now, can decrypt or access the contents of the messages.

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