Revolutionize Customer Engagement on WhatsApp

Drive meaningful conversations, collaborate with multiple live agents, broadcast personalized messages, and manage customer interactions seamlessly.

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Because your customers are on Whatsapp

With 2 billion active users worldwide and availability in over 180 countries, making Whatsapp a great platform for businesses looking to communicate with customers. However there are still challenges that businesses face to run Whatsapp Business effectively.

  • You struggle to engage customers effectively due to the high number of messages to handle.

  • You resort to generic messaging, which can make customers feel like they are being treated impersonally.

  • Lack of seamless collaboration among team members makes it difficult to provide unified and timely responses to customer queries and requests.

  • Broadcast without a right method can ban your account

  • Sending mass messages without personalized targeting is so bad

  • Recipient concern about security and data privacy may hinder business efforts.

  • Your contact list is just a pile of useless data

  • You struggle with organizing and managing customer contacts

  • It’s difficult to maintain accurate customer information and segmentation.

  • Without access to comprehensive analytics, your business lack of valuable data to make informed decisions and optimize your communication strategies.


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Why WhatsApp Business with Whatsapp Now?

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Multi-agent collaboration

Team members across various locations and time zones can seamlessly collaborate.

Efficiently manage your customer inquiries and avoid duplication efforts

Assign or transfer conversations to different team members

Ability to add private notes to give the assignee clear context of conversation

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Broadcast Campaign with Ease

Broadcast in a few intuitive steps

Schedule to reach your audience at the right time

Send campaigns to specific contact segments

Personalize message to each recipient for maximum impact

Secure & reliable mass messaging

Customer contact management feature UI mockup for WhatsApp now product

Customer Contact Management

Labelize contacts by tags to enable contextual and personalized messaging

Giving deeper custom attributes like gender, city, score, etc. as per your business case

Applied tags & attributes that works for your filtering during broadcast campaign

Bulk import and export ability

Reply material feature UI mockup for WhatsApp now product

Reply Material Feature

Build your own comprehensive library of message materials

Ensure rapid response for frequent questions to gain customer satisfaction

Support text, image, document, video, and sticker format

Enhance agent productivity, provide consistent and efficient support.

Those are not enough...

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Multi team enabled

Multiple teams/groups to handle different projects or business division

Laptop Metrics
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Performance Dashboard

Track engagement, measure performance, and make data-driven decisions with our analytic

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Automate replies

Save time and deliver instant responses to common inquiries


Intuitive Experience

Enjoy an intuitive experience as you navigate through our user-friendly interface

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Whatsapp Chat Buttons

Drive more leads with Chat Button within your message templates


Reliable and Secure Platform

We are an Official Whatsapp Partner: Trust us for your account security and your data protection

Get An Official Whatsapp
Green-Tick Badge*

Message Central is an official WhatsApp Business Provider. With us, you can own your verified WhatsApp Business profile with a green tick to gain trust of your customer and broadcast messages without fear of getting banned.

*T&C applied

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Empowering Whatsapp Business

in a few easy steps


Sign Up & Registration

Create your official WhatsApp account by signing up, providing necessary details, and get your Facebook Business Verification done.


Account Verified

Your WhatsApp Now account will be active and you can start broadcast beyond 250 targets per day.


Setting up your own account

You can now invite agents, assign their role, submit broadcast template, build reply materials, import and manage customer contacts, etc.


Ready to Engage!

Engage with your audience. Leveraging the power of Whatsapp for effective customer communication

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Don’t take from our words

Clients Testimonials

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30% increase in customer engagement

We also bear 25% boost in sales. The ability to send personalized messages and targeted promotions has greatly enhanced our marketing efforts.

Sarah Thompson

Marketing Manager
Vogue Couture
Icon Rating Star Outlined

Perfect tool for ecommerce business

Whatsapp Now has been instrumental in our startup's growth. With the ability to broadcast messages to our customer base, we've experienced a 40% rise in website traffic.

John Reynolds

Icon Rating Star Outlined

35% increase in customer retention

Whatsapp Now's customer contact management and segmentation features have revolutionized our marketing strategy.

Emily Chen

Ops Manager
Sole Stride
Icon Rating Star Outlined

35% increase in customer retention

Whatsapp Now's customer contact management and segmentation features have revolutionized our marketing strategy.

Emily Chen

Ops Manager
Sole Stride
Icon Rating Star Outlined

35% increase in customer retention

Whatsapp Now's customer contact management and segmentation features have revolutionized our marketing strategy.

Emily Chen

Ops Manager
Sole Stride
Icon Rating Star Outlined

35% increase in customer retention

Whatsapp Now's customer contact management and segmentation features have revolutionized our marketing strategy.

Emily Chen

Ops Manager
Sole Stride
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Our pricing page is on the way!

In the meantime, get in touch with us to discuss pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Whatsapp Now?

WhatsApp Now is a comprehensive solution that integrates live customer support on WhatsApp and WhatsApp marketing through WhatsApp Business APIs. It enables businesses to provide instant assistance to customers and leverage the power of WhatsApp for effective marketing campaigns.

How can WhatsApp Now benefit your businesses?

Our product offers several benefits to businesses. It allows them to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction through real-time support on WhatsApp. It also enables targeted marketing campaigns, personalized messaging, and improved customer reach through WhatsApp Business APIs.

Does WhatsApp Now provides customer support and assistance?

We offer dedicated support to assist you in setting up and using our product effectively. Additionally, we provide comprehensive documentation, ensure a smooth onboarding process and help you make the most of our product. Businesses who would take an Enterprise plan would also get a personal Account Manager who will provide assistance thoroughly.

Can I customize and personalized my WhatsApp messages with WhatsApp now?

Absolutely! WhatsApp Now allows you to customize and personalize your WhatsApp messages. You can create tailored messages, add dynamic content, and personalize the messages with customer-specific information. This enables you to deliver targeted and engaging communication to your customers.

How can WhatsApp now help me in manage multiple conversations effectively?

WhatsApp Now offers powerful conversation management features. It provides a centralized dashboard where you can view and manage multiple conversations simultaneously. You can assign conversations to specific agents, tag and categorize conversations, use quick responses, and track conversation history. These features enable efficient and organized management of multiple conversations, ensuring timely responses and effective customer support.

Is WhatsApp Now suitable for both small businesses and large businesses?

Yes, WhatsApp Now is suitable for both small and large businesses. The platform is designed to be scalable and adaptable to different business sizes. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, WhatsApp Now provides the necessary tools and features to enhance customer engagement, streamline support processes, and drive marketing campaigns effectively. It caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes.

How secure is the data and information shared through WhatsApp Now?

WhatsApp Now leverages the end-to-end encryption protocol provided by WhatsApp. This means that all the messages and data exchanged through our platform are encrypted and can only be accessed by the sender and recipient. No third parties, including WhatsApp Now, can decrypt or access the contents of the messages.

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Elevate your customer communication with WhatsApp Now

From startups to established enterprises, WhatsApp Now can empowers businesses to connect, engage, and thrive.