Group SMS vs Mass Texting

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May 26, 2024

Group SMS vs Mass Texting

Key Takeaways

  1. SMS is used by businesses for multiple purposes like when launching a new product, spreading awareness, sending onboarding to new joinees etc.
  2. Group SMS is a form where a message is sent simultaneously to multiple people from the native SMS app on mobile phones
  3. Mass texting is used by businesses for large scale communication like marketing campaigns. The major difference between a mass text and a group SMS is that of visibility of all participants' contact information in a group SMS
  4. There are other differences between a group SMS and mass text on the basis of communication objectives, audience size, privacy and compliance, personalization and automation etc.
  5. You can get started with mass texting using an SMS API provider like Message Central

SMS has a popular case for P2P i.e. peer to peer communication especially in geographies like the United States.  

Although, businesses have also been leveraging SMS in the form of A2P messaging. This includes use case when they have to send one message to a lot of people. For example: -

  1. Informing employees of a sudden internal change
  1. Sending onboarding guide to new joiners
  1. Sending a reward to the cohort of the most loyal customers
  1. SMS regarding the launch of a new product range
  1. Spreading awareness about a relevant social/ medical issue

These are only a few of the hundreds use cases of texting. There are two ways to enable such use cases – through a group SMS or a text blast/ mass texting.

In this comprehensive article, we'll delve into the intricacies of group SMS and mass texting, exploring their key differences, use cases, and the factors to consider when choosing the right communication strategy for your organization.

Understanding Group SMS

Group SMS, also known as group texting, is a communication method that allows businesses to send a single message to multiple recipients simultaneously. This feature is often built into the native messaging apps on mobile devices. Thus, the same has a very wide reach and accessibility.

Benefits of Group SMS

Primary advantages of Group SMS are: -Bullet Points

  1. Simplicity and speed where businesses can quickly create a group, add the desired contacts, and send a message to the entire group,
  1. Useful for coordinating team activities,  
  1. Sharing updates with a specific group of customers, or  
  1. Organizing small-scale events
  1. Sending crucial professional text messages

Limitations of Group SMS

While Group SMS offers convenience, it also comes with inherent limitations. The most notable challenges are: -Bullet Points

  1. Restricted number of participants. Depending on the messaging platform, the maximum group size can range from 10 to 256 members,  
  1. Unsuitable for large-scale communication efforts,
  1. Lacks the advanced features and compliance measures that are often required for business-to-customer (B2C) communications,
  1. Lack of opt-in/opt-out options, and
  1. Visibility of all participants' contact information can pose privacy concerns and compliance risks, especially in regulated industry like SMS in retail

How to Send Group SMS?

Group SMS via iOs:-

  1. Add all the recipients in ‘To’ field
  1. The ones using iPhones will receive the SMS over WiFi as an iMessage
  1. The ones with Android will receive the message as an SMS instead of an iMessage

Group SMS via Android:-

  1. Go to ‘Messages’> ‘Start Chat’
  1. Then select the option to ‘Create a Group’  
  1. Select recipients from the contact list and type your group name
  1. Click on ‘Send’

If you are on Google messaging and your recipients are also on Android, you can also enable RCS messaging and send an RCS instead of an SMS.  

Understanding Mass Texting

Mass Texting, also known as text blasts or bulk messaging is a more sophisticated approach to reaching a large audience. This method involves sending the same message to multiple recipients simultaneously, but with each recipient receiving the message individually, rather than in a group chat format.

Benefits of Mass Texting

There are a lot of benefits of mass texting including: -

  1. Scalability where businesses can leverage SMS API providers to reach thousands or even millions of contacts with a single campaign,
  1. Ideal solution for marketing initiatives, customer updates, appointment reminders, and other large-scale communication needs
  1. Advanced features, such as personalization, and scheduling, and  
  1. Opt-in/opt-out management, which is crucial for maintaining compliance with regulations like A2P 10DLC

Limitations of Mass Texting

With a greater flexibility and scalability, mass texting also: -

  1. Requires a more structured approach,
  1. Businesses must ensure they have obtained the necessary consent from their contacts,
  1. Managing user’s opt-in/opt-out lists diligently,  
  1. Adhering to industry’s SMS best practices to avoid potential legal and reputational risks
  1. Cost-effectiveness of mass texting can vary depending on the volume of messages, the SMS service provider, and the specific features required

How to Send Mass Text

To send SMS campaigns, you need to select the right SMS API provider. With Message Central, you get global reach, the best SMS routes and high deliverability for both – transactional and promotional SMS.  

Group SMS vs Mass Texting

When deciding between Group SMS and Mass Texting, businesses should consider the following key factors:

Implementing Mass Texting with Message Central

Message Central is one of the leading CPaaS providers offering SMS API, SMS verification APIs and WhatsApp marketing software. With Message Central, you can: -

  1. Send SMS messages across the world
  1. Get easy to use SMS APIs with complete documentation  
  1. Leverage 24/7 customer support

You can get in touch with the Message Central team to get started.

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