How to Get a Green Tick on WhatsApp

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January 31, 2024

How to Get a Green Tick on WhatsApp

Key Takeaways

  1. Known as a verified business account badge, a green tick symbolizes authenticity and credibility to a business profile
  2. The green tick confirms that the account phone number belongs to the business it claims to be
  3. There is a certain eligibility criteria for a business to be approved as a verified profile and a green tick
  4. There are multiple benefits of green tick including a better brand presence, high deliverability etc.
  5. Best practices of WhatsApp marketing should be adhered to at all times to maintain the green tick on WhatsApp


In the digital age, establishing authenticity and trust is paramount for businesses, especially when communicating with customers. WhatsApp, as a widely used messaging platform, offers a way to signify trusted business accounts with a green tick badge. Known as the verified business account badge, this green tick is a symbol of credibility and authenticity, highly sought after by businesses worldwide and particularly for WhatsApp marketing in India.

Understanding the Green Tick

The green tick on WhatsApp signifies a verified business account. This small, yet significant badge sets apart a business, indicating that WhatsApp has confirmed the account phone number belongs to the business it claims to be. This verification helps customers identify and trust the business, knowing that they are interacting with an authentic entity.  
It's a mark of distinction that reassures customers, leading to better engagement and potentially higher conversions from a business’s WhatsApp marketing strategy.

Eligibility Criteria

Not every business can obtain the green tick; WhatsApp has set specific criteria to ensure that the badge is reserved for accounts genuinely notable in their field. To be eligible, a business must:

  1. Be recognized and notable in its industry.
  2. Have an active WhatsApp Business API account.
  3. Provide accurate business information.
  4. Adhere strictly to WhatsApp's business policies and terms of service.
  5. Meeting these requirements is the first step towards applying for the green tick.

If eligible, you can apply and start using WhatsApp for multiple use cases with a WhatsApp marketing software.  

Step-by-Step Application Process

Getting verified on WhatsApp is a process that involves several key steps:

  1. Switch to WhatsApp Business API: Businesses must use the WhatsApp Business API, which is designed for medium and large businesses that need more functionality.
  2. Engage with Customers: Regularly engage with customers on WhatsApp. A history of positive interactions through personalized WhatsApp broadcast can support your application.
  3. Submit the Application: Through the Facebook Business Manager associated with your account, you can submit a verification request. Provide all necessary documentation and information about your business.
  4. Wait for Approval: After submission, there's typically a waiting period during which WhatsApp reviews the application. The duration can vary, and there's no guarantee of approval. During this time, continue engaging positively with customers and adhering to WhatsApp's policies.

Benefits of Having a Green Tick

Infographic representing the Benefits of Having a WhatsApp Green Tick by Message Central.

The green tick elevates a business's profile on WhatsApp, offering several advantages:

  1. Increased Trust and Credibility: Customers are more likely to trust and engage with verified accounts for any WhatsApp marketing campaigns.
  2. Higher Deliverability: Messages from verified accounts often have higher deliverability rates.
  3. Brand Presence: The green tick can enhance the perception of your brand, making it stand out in a crowded marketplace.

These benefits contribute to a more robust and effective communication strategy on WhatsApp.

Maintaining Your Green Tick Status

Once obtained, it's crucial to maintain the standards that earned you the green tick. Continuously adhere to WhatsApp's messaging policies, keep your business information accurate and up-to-date, and engage in positive interactions with customers. Violating policies or a drop in the quality of customer interactions can lead to the revocation of the green tick.

Best Practices and Tips

To increase your chances of getting verified, consider the following:

  1. Maintain a Positive Reputation: A good standing in your industry and with customers can support your application.
  2. Regular Profile Updates: Keep your business profile, including the address, phone number, and description, up to date and leverage as many WhatsApp API use cases.  
  3. Quality Interactions: Ensure all customer interactions are professional, helpful, and reflect your brand's values.


The green tick on WhatsApp is more than just a badge; it's a symbol of trust, authenticity, and quality.  

While the process of obtaining this verification might seem demanding, the benefits it brings in terms of customer trust and engagement can significantly impact your business communication strategies especially for geographies where WhatsApp is very popular like WhatsApp marketing in Malaysia.
If your business meets the eligibility criteria, consider applying for the green tick and take a step towards establishing a more trusted presence on one of the world's most popular messaging platforms. Remember, it's not just about getting the green tick; it's about what it signifies to your customers and the quality of interaction it promises.

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