Can Blocked Numbers Text You?

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April 17, 2024

Can Blocked Numbers Text You?

Key Takeaways

  1. Blocking a phone number created a barrier between your number and the blocked contact. Thus all the calls and SMS would be intercepted and not reach the intended receiver
  2. This is similar to the situation where you add your phone number to the DND list when you do not wish to receive any promotional communication from businesses
  3. Blocked numbers can text you when they use third party apps like that of WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Skype. This is because these apps operate on internet rather than the network connection
  4. There are multiple indicators to if a phone number has been blocked by recipients. For example: iMessages are not marked as delivered, calls go straight to voicemail before ringing
  5. If you wish to completely block a contact number, you have to make sure that you block them on all alternate apps they can contact you on

P2P messaging accounted for a total of $43 billion revenue in 2022. This is almost equivalent to the A2P messaging revenue in the same year.  

This indirectly implies that P2P SMS industry is still relevant, and SMS is a significant communication channel amidst the growth of other third-party channels.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the topic of blocking numbers and whether blocked contacts can still send text messages. Effects of blocking on various mobile channels, such as SMS and third-party messaging apps are also covered.

After reading the article, you'll have a clear understanding of what happens when you block a number and how to effectively restrict communication from unwanted contacts.

Understanding Blocking

When you block a phone number, you essentially create a barrier between your number and the blocked contact. This action prevents the contact from reaching you through calls or messages via the carrier's network.  
However, it's important to note that blocking does not completely cut off communication from the blocked number. Similarly, when you do not want to receive promotional messages from brands, you add your number to the DND list.  
Let's explore the specifics of blocking and its impact on text messaging.

Blocking and Text Messaging

When a number is blocked, the blocked person can technically still send a text message to your phone number. However, the message will not be delivered to your SMS inbox. Instead, it will appear as though the message was sent, but you won't receive it.  
If both you and the blocked contact have iMessage, the chat bubble for their message may turn green instead of the usual blue, indicating that they have been blocked.

Blocking is also one of the reasons why some messages do not get delivered. These are the promotional SMS by businesses.  

Can Blocked Numbers Still Call You?

Blocking a number not only restricts text messaging but also prevents phone calls from going through.  
When a blocked contact tries to call you, they may hear a busy dial tone or be directed to voicemail immediately. Your phone won't ring, ensuring that you are not disturbed by unwanted calls. It's worth noting that blocked callers may still be able to leave voicemails unless you specifically request your mobile operator to block the number completely.

How Blocked Numbers Can Still Text You?

While it may seem contradictory, there have been instances where blocked numbers can still send text messages. These might not be specifically SMS messages.

This situation typically occurs when a blocked contact uses a third-party messaging application that operates independently of the carrier's network. These apps enable users to communicate using their internet connection, bypassing the restrictions imposed by blocking a number on the native messaging app. These apps, such as Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Skype, operate using the internet rather than relying on traditional SMS or text blasts.  
If a blocked contact uses one of these apps to message you, their messages may still reach you.

The use of omnichannel strategy by businesses shield them from being blocked and unable to reach their customers. Businesses use a combination of SMS and WhatsApp marketing for both prospecting and engagement.  

Recognizing Blocked Contacts

If you suspect that a contact has blocked your number, there are a few indicators that can help you confirm your suspicions. On an iPhone, when someone blocks your number, the iMessages you send will not be marked as delivered, even if they were sent hours earlier.  
Additionally, all calls made to a blocked number will be redirected to voicemail without ringing on the recipient's end. These signs suggest that your number has been blocked.

If you decide to unblock a contact, they will regain the ability to communicate with you through text messages whether P2P or A2P (SMS marketing) and calls. However, keep in mind that unblocking a contact does not automatically deliver any missed messages or voicemails that were sent while the contact was blocked. Once unblocked, communication between you and the contact can resume as usual.

Preventing Messages from Blocked Numbers

To prevent messages from reaching you entirely, it is essential to take additional steps beyond blocking a number on your device's native messaging app. One effective method is to disable notifications for messages from blocked contacts. By doing this, you can avoid being alerted to incoming messages from numbers you have blocked, ensuring a more seamless blocking experience.

Blocking Contacts on iMessage

If you block a contact on iMessage, they will be unable to send you iMessages or initiate a FaceTime session. Blocking a contact on your iPhone extends to all forms of communication associated with that contact. It's important to note that blocking a number on iMessage does not allow the blocked contact to know that they have been blocked. There will be no notification indicating that their number has been blocked.

If you are blocking a business contact number, you may still receive any important transactional SMS from them. This includes SMS verification messages, delivery notifications, shipping information etc.  

While blocking a number on your device restricts communication through the carrier's network, it's important to remember that third-party messaging apps can provide alternative channels for communication. To have more control over who can contact you, it may be necessary to block or restrict contacts on these third-party apps as well. Each app will have its own blocking features, so familiarize yourself with them to further enhance your blocking capabilities.


Blocking a number on your device can effectively prevent unwanted calls and messages from reaching you through the carrier's network. Although some contacts may still find ways to reach you using third-party messaging apps, taking additional steps to disable notifications and control communication channels can further enhance the effectiveness of blocking. Remember to periodically review and update your blocking settings to ensure your desired level of communication restriction.

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