Tips for Successful DLT Registration

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April 17, 2024

Essential Tips for Successful DLT Registration

Key Takeaways

  1. Businesses must register with the DLT platform to leverage the SMS channel for both promotional and transactional SMS
  2. DLT validates a business's identity and ensures its legitimacy so that users are not spammed
  3. There are a series of steps to be followed for DLT registration. You can read more about the same in our guide on DLT registration
  4. There are multiple best practices for DLT registration process including verifying documents before registration, getting expert help, selecting the right template etc.
  5. You can get started with some SMS use cases like OTP SMS without any DLT registration with Message Central. You can signup for free and kickstart your campaign

Bulk SMS is a popular channel used by businesses for communication both promotional and transactional information to their users/ customers. The same is evident in the estimate that bulk SMS marketing is expected to have a CAGR of 10% from 2023 to 2030.  

However, to ensure secure and efficient communication, businesses must register with the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform. While the DLT registration process can seem daunting, understanding the key steps and best practices can make it easier and more efficient. This article will provide you with expert advice to help you navigate the DLT registration process and share some tips to do the same successfully.  

Understanding DLT

DLT, or Distributed Ledger Technology, is an innovative technology that allows data to be stored across multiple computers, ensuring transparency and security. In the context of sending bulk SMS in India, businesses must register with a DLT platform to ensure secure and efficient communication.

Why DLT Registration is Crucial?

DLT registration is a critical step for businesses that wish to send bulk SMS messages to their customers. This is because the DLT system validates the business's identity, ensuring that only legitimate businesses can send SMS messages using SMS API providers. This helps to protect consumers from fraudulent messages and enhances the credibility of the business.

There are use cases like authentication using SMS where businesses can leverage SMS providers like Message Central and get started with sending OTP SMS without any DLT registration.  

Essential Tips for Successful DLT Registration

The DLT registration process involves a series of steps, including verifying the business's identity, selecting the appropriate sender ID, and creating compliant content templates. It's important to note that the DLT system can reject the registration if any step is not completed correctly. Therefore, it's crucial to understand each step thoroughly and to follow the best practices.

Infographic Explaining the Essential Tips for Successful DLT Registration by Message Central.

Below, we share some essential tips that can help you register your business on the DLT platform successfully.  

1. Verifying Documents Before Registration

Before starting your DLT registration, make sure to verify and validate all required documents. This will ensure that you only upload valid documents, thus preventing rejection of your registration. The documents needed for DLT registration typically include the company's PAN card, GST certificate, letter of authorization, and proof of address.

2. Understanding the Importance of Unique IDs

A unique ID is essential for ensuring the security of your business. The DLT system checks the business name during registration, and only approves unique, registered business names. This is to prevent any potential misuse of the business name during SMS campaigns.  

3. Matching Sender ID and Company Name

Your sender ID (also known as the header or mask) must match your company name. If they do not match, the DLT system may reject your registration. Therefore, if the sender ID and the company name are not related, you should attach a relationship document as proof of identity.

4. Using Compliant Content Templates

When creating your content templates, ensure they adhere to DLT template rules and best practices. Using the right brand name and variables in your content template will increase the chances of successful registration. Templates that do not comply with these requirements may be rejected by the DLT system. You can also refer to our guide on various DLT content templates.

5. Selecting the Right Template for Your Business

Choosing the right template for your business is crucial as it sets the tone for all your future SMS campaigns. You should choose an appropriate name for your template that denotes the purpose of the message you will be sending. Also, make sure to include your brand name in the template to help your customers identify and relate to your brand.

6. Avoiding Common DLT Registration Pitfalls

While registering for DLT, you must avoid common pitfalls such as including extra spaces or lines in the template or not following the rules for variables. These mistakes can lead to your registration being rejected. Instead, ensure you use variables only for values that will change due to personalization, and avoid adding unnecessary spaces or lines in your template.

7. Getting Expert Help for DLT Registration

If you're finding the DLT registration process challenging, consider seeking expert help. Many service providers offer support for DLT registration, guiding you through each step and helping you avoid common pitfalls. This can save you time and ensure a smooth registration process.
You can get in touch with the team at Message Central for any guidance.  

Wrap Up

DLT registration is an essential process for businesses that wish to send bulk SMS messages to their customers in India. A2P 10DLC is a similar guideline is the US.

By following the tips and best practices outlined in this article, you can navigate the registration process efficiently and successfully. Remember, the key to successful DLT registration is understanding each step thoroughly, verifying your documents, choosing the right template, and avoiding common pitfalls. Happy registering!

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